Pardis Hotel

Boat Tours,
This is one of the best ways to explore the beautiful Aegean Coast. Do you want to sunbathe and swim on secluded beaches and isles with
no touch of tourism yet! THIS IS A MUST FOR EVERYONE. You will want to go to this daily tour again and again

Jeep Safari
 Jeep Safari is an absolute must for adventourous at heart. You will enjoy stunning views, waterfall and untouched bays on your jeeps driven by experienced drivers.BUT keep in mind! This is NOT A RALLY! It is a nature exploration in a fun way!

Horse Safari,
You will have an easy ride through pine forests and orange groves while enjoying a authentic village life around you that is unspoilt.  About 20 minutes
drive outside Marmaris you can can go ride horses or just enjoy their company. 

Cleopatra island,
you can enjoy a relaxing day out on a boat and also see a very unique and beach on Cleopatra Island by, joining the tour.

Quad safari,
This is another tour for adventurous at heart. It is fun, exciting, muddy, wet, dusty and a lot of fun and laugh. You will be thrilled! This can be
an unforgettable highlight of your vacation in Marmaris.   
 Turkish Bath,
 It is addictive. You will feel completely relaxed and deeply clean each time. Your skin will be purified!  It is also a great way to prolonging your tan
.Because you will love it and will want to go again and again  
Marmaris offers diving experience for all skill levels, from beginners to certified divers (PADI – CMAS – BSAC) in the warm, crystal clear waters.
Even if you are not a diver you can join this daily trip.  
Beach Party,
How about partying on the beach with one of the best views. Sun, beach, music, dance, food and drinks, amazing view and lots of
fun friends. Play in the water! Do Water Sports! Enjoy the Amazing View! and Party.This Beach is away from all the hotels and the crowd. Its got a nice little bar and a covered sitting area with lots of tables.                                                                                                                
Here is a great adrenalin pumping day tour for you! RAFTING. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery, mountain roads and an
excellent picnic lunch on the side of the river.

 Water sports,
Water sports in Marmaris is really amazing. Marmaris bay is so well suited for having fun on water. Sea is so calm that most of the time
riding a Jet-ski would feel like ice-skating.Jet-ski, water-ski, wake board, Speed boat, parasailing, banana, ringo, flyfish, phantom, pedal boat, canoes are just to list a few. This summer you will even be able to “Bungee Jump” to the water from crane tower.                                                                                                                         
Turkish Night,
Turkish style entertainment for everyone! Join us for an evening and see the belly dancers all over you, experience Turkish folk dance,
mouth watering Turkish cuisine with mezes and drinks. Experience the Turkish hospitality in the warm, friendly, lively night in a joyful,  relaxed and groovy atmosphere    
Aqua  Water parks,
As in most summer vacation resorts, Marmaris also offers Waterparks. Waterparks are always fun especially in very hot weather!Aqua 
Water parks are situated in a very short distance from our hotel only 20 minutes walk on top of the hills and on the beach  where you will have a stunning birds-eye view of Marmaris while playing in the water.                                                                                                                         
Blue Cruise,
One of the most beautiful parts of the world is the Aegean Sea and The Mediterranean. This area is just so amazing, different, tranquil with
an amazing Turkish, Greek life style. Especially The Aegean Sea is some place that everyone should experience at least once.